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PU Publications (PUPUB) is an independent, nonprofit international publisher of open access, online, peer-reviewed journals that cover a wide range of subjects in academia. PUPUB aims to become one of the leading publishers for professional and scholarly societies and serves the world's research and scholarly communities. A number of internationally-known editors serve on the editorial boards of PUPUB's journals, which maintain the highest standards of peer review.  

In addition to serving as a publisher, PU Publications is also a hub for researchers. The platform provides excellent resources for researchers. PUPUB connects traditional publishing with the possibilities offered by new technologies. The journals provide a worldwide reach for your work and a prompt response from colleagues around the world.

Our Mission

PUPUB aims to empower the academic community by continuously advancing innovative solutions to improve the publication, evaluation and communication of science across the globe to researchers, innovators, and the general public.

Journal Policy

In PUPUB, we strive to ensure that high quality, peer-reviewed academic research is effectively and timely disseminated.

Maximum Worldwide Distribution

Our sales and marketing teams will make sure that your article receives the broadest possible exposure, and our website ensures visibility, including social bookmarking, so it is seen by those who need to read it and cite it.

Peer Review

Our journals, which are all run by experienced professional editors, undergo a rigorous peer review process that is efficient, fair, and constructive.

Our Responsibility and Your Rights

PUPUB protects the rights of authors and ensures that any and all legal information and copyright regulations are met. We adhere to the highest standards of ethics, responsibility, and legal obligation, regardless of whether an author is published by PUPUB or any other publisher.

Productivity, Reliability, and High Quality

It is our goal to continuously improve and enhance our services by building issues online and implementing new, faster production processes. These innovations are delivered without compromising our high quality standards.

Copyright Policy

Authors publishing with PU Publications (PUPUB) Journals retain the copyright of their work under the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY). This license lets others to distribute, remix, adapt, modify, and build upon the work, even commercially, as long as they credit the author(s) for the original creation.

Policies on access and archiving

Peer-reviewed scholarly journals published by PUPUB are indexed in international databases. The full text of all articles published by PUPUB is available free of charge in PDF format for immediate download. All of PUPUB's journals have free PDF access. There is a strong connection between this policy and the definition of open access where PDF is always free. Authors are also permitted to self-archive articles. As part of the open access policy, the journals aim to increase the visibility and accessibility of the published content, thereby contributing to the desired impact of the research.


The responsibility for the contents and the opinions expressed in this journal is exclusively of the author(s) concerned. The publisher/editor of the journal is not responsible for errors in the contents or any consequences arising from the use of the information contained in it. The opinions expressed in the research papers/articles in this journal do not necessarily represent the views of the publisher/editor.